Finite Computational Structures and Implementations: Semigroups and Morphic Relations

Attila Egri-Nagy


What is computable with limited resources? How can we verify the correctness of computations? How to measure computational power with precision? Despite the immense scientific and engineering progress in computing, we still have only partial answers to these questions. To make these problems more precise and easier to tackle, we describe an abstract algebraic definition of classical computation by generalizing traditional models to semigroups. This way implementations are morphic relations between semigroups. The mathematical abstraction also allows the investigation of different computing paradigms (e.g. cellular automata, reversible computing) in the same framework. While semigroup theory helps in clarifying foundational issues about computation, at the same time it has several open problems that require extensive computational efforts. This mutually beneficial relationship is the central tenet of the described research.

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