Using Checkpointing and Virtualization for Fault Injection

Cyrille Artho, Kuniyasu Suzaki, Masami Hagiya, Watcharin Leungwattanakit, Richard Potter, Eric Platon, Yoshinori Tanabe, Franz Weitl, Mitsuharu Yamamoto


The program monitoring and control mechanisms of virtualization tools are becoming increasingly standardized and advanced. Together with checkpointing, these can be used for general program analysis tools. We explore this idea with an architecture we call Checkpoint-based Fault Injection (CFI), and two concrete implementations using different existing virtualization tools: DMTCP and SBUML. The implementations  show interesting trade-offs in versatility and performance as well as the generality of the architecture.


Fault Injection; Checkpointing; Virtualization; Software Validation; Quality Assurance

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