Handling Non-determinism with Description Logics using a Fork/Join Approach

Jocelyne Faddoul, Wendy MacCaull


The increasing use of Ontologies, formulated using expressive Description Logics, for time sensitive applications necessitates the development of fast (near realtime) reasoning tools. Mul- ticore processors are nowadays widespread across desktop, laptop, server, and even smartphone and tablets devices. The rise of such powerful execution environments calls for new parallel and distributed Description Logics (DLs) reasoning algorithms. Many sophisticated optimizations have been explored and have considerably enhanced DL reasoning with light ontologies. Non- determinism remains a main source of complexity for implemented systems handling ontologies relying on more expressive logics.

In this work, we explore handling non-determinism with DL languages enabling qualified cardinality restrictions. We implement a fork/join parallel framework into our tableau-based al- gebraic reasoner, which handles qualified cardinality restrictions and nominals using in-equation solving. The preliminary results are encouraging and show that using a parallel framework with algebraic reasoning is worth investigating and more promising than parallelizing standard tableau-based reasoning. 


Description Logics; Non-determinism; Fork/Join

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