Delivery Routing to Reduce Calculation Load of Drones on Divided Logistics Areas for Drone Logistics Networks

Kazuya Matsutani, Shigetomo Kimura


In a drone logistics system, a message delivery system in which the drone delivers messages for other users on the way to a parcel delivery destination has been proposed. To reduce the complexity of message delivery routes, this paper proposes a message delivery method that divides logistics areas and determines the message delivery routes in each area. The method also makes it possible for a later departure drone and an early departure drone to exchange information to add, cancel, and/or exchange their messages and delivery points. The simulation experiments show that compared with the previous method, the proposed method has lower computational complexity and in contrast, the average travel distance increases by a maximum of 53.6% to 77.9% and so forth.


Message Routing Method; Divided Logistics Areas; Drone Logistics Networks; DTN

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