Dynamic Group Signatures with Message Dependent Opening and Non-Interactive Signing

Hiroaki Anada, Masayuki Fukumitsu, Shingo Hasegawa


The group signature with message dependent opening (GS-MDO) is a variant of the group signature in the sense that the opening authority is split into two parties called the opener and the admitter. Most known constructions of GS-MDO consider the static model. The only scheme using the dynamic model by Sun and Liu has a problem of the anonymity against the admitter in the real-world usage because the signing process requires the interaction between the signer and the admitter. In this paper, we restart the line of research of GS-MDO in the dynamic setting. We introduce the definition of the dynamic group signature with message dependent opening (DGS-MDO) with the security requirements and propose a generic construction. By instantiating our construction with appropriate primitives, we can obtain a DGS-MDO scheme with the standard model security, constant signature size and non-interactive signing process.


Dynamic Group Signature; Message Dependent Opening; Standard Model

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