Preface: Special Issue on the Seventh International Symposium on Networking and Computing

Koji Nakano


The Seventh International Symposium on Networking and Computing (CANDAR 2019) was held in Nagasaki, Japan, from November 26th to 29th, 2019. The organizers of the CANDAR 2019 invited authors to submit the extended version of the presented papers. As a result, 21 articles have been submitted to this special issue. This issue includes the extended version of 17 papers that have been accepted.

This issue owes a great deal to a number of people who devoted their time and expertise to handle the submitted papers. In particular, I would like to thank the guest editors for the excellent review process: Professor Hideharu Amano, Professor Akihiro Fujiwara, Professor Ikki Fujiwara,Professor Sayaka Kamei, Professor Susumu Matsumae, Professor Toru Nakanishi, Professor Yasuyuki Nogami, Professor Kouzou Ohara,Professor Tomoyuki Ohta, and Professor Minoru Uehara.

Words of gratitude are also due to the anonymous reviewers who carefully read the papers and provided detailed comments and suggestions to improve the quality of the submitted papers. This special issue would not have been without their efforts.

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